Drug Interactions Pocket Reference Card

Why did we create the P450 card?

The effective, intelligent management of many problems related to drug interactions in clinical prescribing can be helped by an understanding of how drugs are metabolized. Specifically, if a prescriber is aware of the dominant cytochrome P450 isoform involved in a drug's metabolism, it is possible to anticipate, from the inhibitor and inducer lists for that enzyme, which drugs might cause significant interactions. The laminated card table is focused on clinically relevant interactions, and is updated at least twice yearly.

What does the card contain?

The P450 Drug Interactions Card contains a table with eight (8) columns, one for each of the P450 isoform groups: CYP1A2, etc. In each column you will find:

  • Substrates: drugs that are metabolized as substrates by the enzyme
  • Inhibitors: drugs that prevent the enzyme from metabolizing the substrates
  • Activators: drugs that increase the enzyme's ability to metabolize the substrates

Pricing ($USD)

Cost of card

Up until this point, we have been able to fund the production of the free P450 cards from our own funds, but the volume of individual card requests has grown over the past years. With the increase in requests, it has placed a constraint on our budget thus forcing us to charge a small fee for the cost of the card.

These cards are available from:
Pocket P450 Card Service
Attention: Cornelia Davis-Moore
Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
950 W. Walnut St.
R2 402
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Tax Identification Number: 35-6001673

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Quantity Price per card Shipping and Handling
10-50 cards $4.00 $4.00
51-100 cards $4.00 $9.00
101-250 cards $3.00 $18.00
251-500 $3.00 $25.00
501+ $2.00 $35.00